Visitors Who Demonstrate Specific Interest Are More Likely to Convert

Example: How to Track "Conversion Intent" to Remarket to People Who Scrolled 75%, or Spent 45 secs on Specific Page

Track Conversion Intent. Build Powerful Remarketing Lists

Now You can Create Remarketing Lists (RLSA) Using Visitor In-Page Actions

  • Interest Signal: Scrolled "X Percent" of Product Page
  • Interest Signal: Spent "X Minutes" on Product Page
  • Buyer Signal: Clicked Add to Cart button
  • Interest Signal: Clicked Social Share button
  • Purchase Intent Click Actions, including: View Colours, View Sizes, View Product Details, View Reviews, Add to Wish List, and more...

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Know the Surprisingly Simple Reason WHY your PPC Ads aren't making the Returns you Want?

HINT: its all about
"Traffic Temperature"

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Buyer Intent Tracking for Smarter Google Ads Remarketing Lists (RLSA)

Retarget Audiences that Actually Read your Content

John Scrolls at least 80% of your page, consuming your content, while Mary Scrolls just 10% and leaves.

Who is more likely to convert?

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Remarket Audiences that Invest Time on your Key Pages

Johns Spends 12 minutes deeply reading your article, while Mary leaves after just 17 seconds (but leaves the tab open).

Who's more ready for your offer?

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Convert More: Remarket your Hottest Traffic

With HOT RLSA Remarketing Lists you can bid more aggressvely for searches by previous visitors more likely to convert.

Is Cold or Hot Traffic easier to convert?

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Create Intent Based Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

Easy Setup. No Coding.

Google Ads

Google Ads

Intent based Remarketing Lists - So You Can Remarket Like a Boss 😎

Create Remarketing Lists using Visitor Intent. More powerful than standard Page View Remarketing tag.

Link your Google Analytics account. Use visitor actions from earlier visits as signs of Conversion Intent.

Create your Remarketing Lists inside Google Analytics. Then import to Google Ads.

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works with Google Ads

Google Analytics - PopcornMetrics

Google Analytics

The Power of Analyics gives you Click Based Remarketing Audiences

Powerful Rules inside Analytics let you define sophisticated conditions for building your lists.

Page Views do not indicate the level of intent to convert. But when you can add a person to a List when they spend a minimum time, or click Add to Cart or Save to WishList you have richer information to create smarter Google Ads campaigns.

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works with Google Analytics



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