Tracking your first event

Tracking events is easy with PopcornMetrics. It all happens in our Tracker Tool. You just need to load your website and start tracking.

PopcornMetrics allows you to track events in your website or web application. In PopcornMetrics events means activity users perform. We can track several user actions.

The current version of PopcornMetrics allows you to track click events in:

  • Buttons, links, images and videos (You can also append custom properties to the event)
  • Search boxes (with the capture of the user input)
  • Register and Login forms (We use it to create and update users in some destination tools)
  • Other forms (You can select which inputs you wish to capture)

Track a simple click event

To track a simple click event in a specific element just open the tracker tool and load your website.

1. Load your website or application

2. Trackable elements

All trackable elements will highlight as you hover them. If you see a green borde it means you can track that element.

3. Track event - Right-click

To track any element just Right-Click. Select Add event to create a new event tracking. You can navigate in your page by using left-click.

4. Give a name to the event

Type the name of the event as you wish to see it on the destination tools.

5. Click Save and Publish

You can add more events in a single session. When you're done, click on Save and Publish to store your events and publish in your website.

Open the Tracker Tool >>