Mixpanel Funnels Tutorial - How to setup Conversion Tracking Funnels without coding

PopcornMetrics allows you to send user data to Mixpanel so you can set up your Conversion Tracking Funnel in minutes. Setting up a Conversion Tracking Funnel in Mixpanel can help you optimize website conversions.

Tutorial: How to setup Mixpanel Funnels without coding

  1. Open Popcorn Metrics Visual Tracker Tool
  2. Add events for your Key Funnel steps
  3. Enable Mixpanel in the Tracker tool
  4. Click Save and Publish (we'll email you as soon as your tracking is live)
  5. Open Mixpanel
  6. Open theMixpanel Funnel Menu
  7. Add a new Funnel
  8. Add each Funnel Step using the events sent from Popcorn Metrics (see Pro Tip below)
  9. Click Save and you're done.

Pro Tip: Its a good idea to manually take every action you are tracking, to ensure each event has been sent to Mixpanel so you can select them in the Mixpanel Funnel editor.

If you need any help just email us - we'll be happy to help!

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