Getting started with PopcornMetrics

PopcornMetrics is a service for Marketers, Managers and others who focus on customer behaviour. You can use PopcornMetrics for several purposes, depending on your role.

With PopcornMetrics anyone in the team can apply tracking without waiting for their coders to fit in into their schedule.

Some uses cases which can fit your purpose:

  • Marketing: analysing website conversions, channel performance...
  • eCommerce Managers: Sales funnels, Product searches, Product conversion from cart to sale...
  • Customer Success Managers: Send targeted notifications to users, update CRM, Segment users...
  • Developers: Fast 3rd party tools implementation...
  • Designers: Website optimization

Installing PopcornMetrics

To get started you just need to install a small piece of code in your website. From then on, you don't need to edit your code anymore. To get your unique code script, follow the steps.

1. Select Setup option on the top navigation bar

Click here to navigate to Setup menu

2. Copy your unique script and paste in every html page

You just need to copy and paste this small script in every html page. You can send an email to anyone in your team to do this for you (click on send by email).

When you're done, just start tracking :)

Open the Tracker Tool >>