Best Practice for your Developers:

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We recommend using the 'id' attribute on elements.

Its a good idea to put a unique ID attribute on each element you want to track. It makes it easier for us to track elements.

Do we depend on jQuery?

Our code is 100% pure javascript. We aren't dependent upon jQuery.

Will loading your script slow our site?

Our code is aysnchronous javascript. It will not affect your page load speed.

Does you code work for Secure (SSL) sites?

Our tracking code works for both HTTP and HTTPS.

How is our code delivered?

Our tracking code is delivered from our partner Amazon Cloudfront CDN service, providing low latency, high transfer speeds and high availability.

What browsers do you support?

Popcorn Metrics tracks your users, whether they use Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Opera.

Our Visual Tracking tool lets you set up tracking, and you can use it on Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

How do I get started?

Just sign-up for an account today and follow the instructions. We'll give you a little snippet of code to add to your website (it's super simple, and takes just a few mins). Then you can get started with our Visual Editor tool. If you need any help getting stared at all we're always here to help you. (That's sort of our job! :) )

Need help? Just email us at :)

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