- how to setup in Popcorn Metrics

PopcornMetrics allows you to send user data to We keep adding more integrations and more functionality to each tool.

It's easy to choose the destination tools. You just need to select once, then all your events will be sent to If you wish to change later, we'll update all previous events saved to new destinations.

How to Enable

Open the tracker tool and select as a destination for your events.

1. Open destination tools settings

To add or edit the destination tools, click on the Settings button at the top right corner of the visual editor tool (as shown below).

2. Select destination tools

In the settings menu you can turn on and off (as shown below).

NOTE: You can also send to multiple tools.

3. Save and Publish

After selecting the destination tools, just click Save and Publish to make the changes live in your website.

4. Enter your API Key

Popcorn Metrics automatically reads the Site ID and API key from your website installation.

Open the Tracker Tool >>