"like giving your existing analytics superpowers without having to touch a line of code"

Jonny Pryn, I absolutely love Popcorn Metrics. Jonny Pryn

Co-Founder, http://onethirdstories.com

CASE STUDY: The Ecommerce Startup that grew Sales Conversions by 50%

We've been using Popcorn Metrics for just over a year now. And we think it"s absolutely brilliant!

Since using Popcorn Metrics we've seen our conversions go up 50%. We've made more sales.

"it's absolutely brilliant"

When someone comes on to our site, and they download a free trial e-book, thanks to Popcorn Metrics, we can straight away tag them with the name and email address. And then we can see that behavior across the rest of the site, and when they revisit us.

Watch this video..

Then read the full case study..

Read the Case Study

And that just means we can market to those people so much more effectively.

"we've seen our conversions go up"

And I think more important than anything else, we understand that customers so much better.

"we've made more sales"

It's a tool that couldn"t be easier to use. You literally just point and click

"couldn't be easier to use. "

And if you to come across a problem, their support is amazing, and will help you sort it out right away.

"their support is amazing"

So I'd really recommend anyone, from a small business or startup checks out Popcorn Metrics to make their lives a whole lot easier.

Read the Case Study

"Revolutionised the way we work on web projects as a team."

Elizabeth Forbes-Rohde, Revolutionised the way we work on web projects as a team. Elizabeth Forbes-Rohde

Content Manager, http://crockfordcarlisle.com.au

CASE STUDY: How Crockford Carlisle used Popcorn Metrics to grow Revenues 27%

Crockford Carlisle is a small and expert digital agency that's been running PPC Ads and Lead Gen campaigns, for local and national clients including: Lawyers, Dentists, Electricians, Builders, Attorney Firms etc for over 20 years.

"struggling with metrics was stopping us from doing what we do best"

As one of our first clients, back in 2014 when we started, they hold a special place in our hearts.

Read the full case study..

Read the Case Study

"a significant contribution to the value we could offer our clients"

Adding Popcorn Metrics to their workflow has enabled the team to setup and optimise Adwords PPC campaigns, quickly adding event and conversion goal tracking without having distract their busy coders from other important work.

removed the dependency on custom thank-you pages and event code

That's removed the dependency of campaign managers on custom thank-you pages, and fiddly custom event conversion code for buttons and forms.

"the integration with Analytics pulls all our data into one central point, which enables clearer reporting for clients "

And by sending Goal Events into Analytics and importing Conversions into Adwords, they get all the integrated analytics data needed to optimise campaigns and report results to their clients.

They're now more efficient.

They can now setup, measure, and optimise campaigns easier and faster.

They now serve more clients, better, and faster.

Those are perhaps a few of the reasons that MD Jerry Crockford, says, "We LOVE Popcorn Metrics! It enables us to report on metrics that MATTER to our clients showing them the value of the changes we're making and how it impacts their profitability"

Thanks Jerry, we ♥ you too. :)

But don't take Jerry's word for it... if you run PPC campaigns, if you use conversion tracking for your campaigns, or track conversion goal events to analytics, then read this case study of how they grew revenues 27% in their own words. No holds barred.

Read the Case Study

"I highly recommend Popcorn Metrics to all online marketers."

Rosanne Hortensius, I highly recommend Popcorn Metrics to all online marketers. It is super easy to set up tracking goals and  to collect the data you want, even when t have any technical skills at all. It has helped us a lot to improve our sales funnel, UX and conversion rate for our 15 international platforms. Customer support has been fantastic too. Rosanne Hortensius

Marketing Director, https://www.saleduck.dk/


CASE STUDY: How Saleduck increased Sales by 14.3% in 6 months

Like most ambitious online businesses, the guys at Saleduck are constantly working to improve the website design and introduce new features to improve conversions.

With their websites changing so frequently, they needed a way to track and measure feature usage without waiting for their development team every time.

" We use Popcorn Metrics to analyse, track and measure user behaviour on our websites. "

Rosanne, the key marketer and growth hacker explains how Popcorn Metrics helped her team boost sales..

"We've been using Popcorn Metrics in combination with Mixpanel for a couple of months now and we're very happy with it.

" Popcorn Metrics.. enables us to know where users drop off in our conversion funnel "

We use Popcorn Metrics to analyse, track and measure user behaviour on our websites and it enables us for example to be aware where users drop off in our conversion funnel or see the difference in behaviour between retained users and first time users.

Watch this video..

Then read the full case study..

Read the Case Study

It has been really easy setting it up, you don't have to be technical at all,

" really easy setting it up "

" you don't have to be technical at all "

the customer service is great, they are very helpful. I would recommend PM to everyone.

" we're very happy "

Saleduck is an online deal community active in 14 countries in SE Asia and Europe.

Read the Case Study

"Popcorn Metrics has saved us tons of effort and time."

Elena Benito, Popcorn Metrics has saved us tons of effort and time. Elena Benito

Chief Marketing Officer, http://startupxplore.com

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