Click Conversion Tracking
for Google Ads and Analytics

Track "in-page" Conversions for Clicks on Affiliate Links, Buttons, Images, PDF Downloads, EBook Downloads and more. Run great campaigns, without needing a coder.

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The Advanced in-page "Click" Tracking Tools
your Advertising Depends on.

The relentless pace of advertising never lets up. And as a marketer or entrepreneur you've got to work hard to keep up. And that means you need more than old-school page based conversions, analytics and remarketing. You need in-page Click Tracking

From In-Page Click Conversions for Google Ads and Click Events for Analytics Goals, to the latest in "Intent Based" Remarketing. We've got you covered.

In-Page Click Conversions for Google Ads

Track conversions when there's no success page

You know, clicks on image clicks, button clicks, clicks on PDF/WhitePaper/EBook Downloads, clicks on Links and Affiliate Links as well as those tricky "in-page" lead-gen forms that don't have a URL change?

What if you could fire a Conversion direct on an Affiliate Link Click, PDF Download or Form Submit Button..?

Now you can.

Learn about In-Page Click Conversions

In-Page Click Tracking for Google Analytics

Track Clicks on Links, Buttons, EBooks Downloads, External Links, Affiliate Links, Images and more

You're trying to undestand your visitors and channels. And you need metrics to track what works-- but your coders are busy.

We love this for matching Click Event Goals with Channels in Google Analytics Channel Report. Because it lets you trace valuable Goal actions back to your marketing channel, so you know if you are converting more traffic from Search or Social Media or Referrals etc.

What if you could track visitor clicks today -- without needing a coder?

Learn about Click Events for Analytics

Event Based Remarketing Lists for Google Ads

Advanced Remarketing to Convert your Best Visitors

Not all visitors are equal. One stays, scrolls, reads the whole page, clicks add to cart, shares with a friend. Another does not click and is gone in seconds.

Visitors leave strong clues about their intent or chances to convert ona future visit by how they behave and scroll and what they click on.

What if you could build Remarketing Lists of visitors who clicked key events, or engaged by scroll depth or active time on a key page?

Learn More about Intent Remarketing

"I highly recommend Popcorn Metrics to all online marketers."

Rosanne Hortensius, I highly recommend Popcorn Metrics to all online marketers. It is super easy to set up tracking goals and  to collect the data you want, even when t have any technical skills at all. It has helped us a lot to improve our sales funnel, UX and conversion rate for our 15 international platforms. Customer support has been fantastic too. Rosanne Hortensius

Marketing Director,


"We LOVE Popcorn Metrics!"

Jerry Crockford, We LOVE Popcorn Metrics! Jerry Crockford

Managing Director, Crockford Carlisle Marketing Agency

Solving the In-Page "Click Conversion" Problem for Google Ads and Analytics

Google Analytics click tracking without writing custom code

Crockford Carlisle is the tightly run ads agency run by Jerry Crockford. His team of experts run lead generation campaigns using Google Search Ads.

Using our "point & click" click event tracking tool enables Jerry's team to work fast. They can add click conversion tracking in minutes.

This means they don't have to wait for a web developer to write and test custom event code. And they don't need custom thank you "success" pages. They can set up click tracking for conversion goals in minutes, not the usual hours or days it used to take.

Popcorn Metrics lets the team setup, optimise and report Google Ads campaigns.

Which means they can handle more clients with their existing team.

The work flow is simple and clean:

1. Send conversion click "events" to Analytics.

2. Setup Goals for Conversion click "events".

3. Import Goals to Google Ads as Conversions.

4. Conversion Reporting for Clients in Analytics.

Google Ads Conversion & Reporting:

1. Faster campaign setup.

2. No need for custom success "thank you" pages.

3. In-page "click" conversion tracking without coding

4. Client Reporting is easy within Google Analytics.

Crockford Carlisle are now more efficient. With the same team handling a 27% jump in client revenues.

They can now setup, convert, optimise and report campaigns easier and faster. As Jerry says:

"We LOVE Popcorn Metrics! It enables us to report on metrics ... showing [clients] the value of the changes we're making. And how it impacts their profitability."

Our Click-Tracking tool is for you if:

you are struggling setting up conversion tracking for Google Ads..
you need conversion goals in Google Analytics for reporting..
you don't have a success page for Google ads conversion code..
you need to track offsite link clicks to external sites and affiliates..

Put us to the test during a 14 Day Free Trial and experience the ease of conversion tracking for Ads, reporting in Analytics and "behaviour based" Remarketing Audiences for yourself.

"This is a godsend for me!"

Nik Crossman, This is a godsend for me. Nik Crossman

Chief Operations Officer,

You're in good company, because great Tech Companies and Digital Agencies rely on us every day.

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"Popcorn Metrics has saved us tons of effort and time."

Elena Benito, Popcorn Metrics has saved us tons of effort and time. Elena Benito

Chief Marketing Officer,

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